Fun, Learning, and Socialization for Your Young Pup!

Bonafide Dog Academy: Group Classes and Training for Omaha Metro Puppies and Their Families

Is Your Puppy Bursting With Energy and Curiosity?


Let’s put that excess energy to good use! It’s time for you and your puppy to embark on a journey of growth and learning together. At Bonafide Dog Academy, our specially designed puppy group classes offer an exciting opportunity for your furry friend to flourish and learn alongside other puppies and puppy parents. And your puppy will always have a tail-wagging good time as all of our classes utilize positive reinforcement only training methods whether we’re working on socialization or basic manners!

Our Puppy Classes


Puppy Life Skills 1 (Up to 16 Weeks)

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Puppies

Puppy Life Skills 1 is a holistic class that blends socialization, basic training, and engaging discussions into each 45-minute session. In this class, your puppy will interact with others in carefully structured socialization periods, helping them develop crucial skills that only their peers can impart, while we also cover topics such as potty training and crate training.

Investment: $120.00 

Puppy Life Skills 2 (3-5 Months)

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Puppies

Building on the strong foundation laid in Puppy Life Skills 1, this program continues to reinforce training skills such as leave it, settle, loose leash walking, and recalls. It’s an excellent way to further enhance your puppy’s obedience and self-control.

Investment: $120.00 

Add-On Training Session (For Puppy Life Skills 1 and 2)

*Add to your purchase when you sign up for Puppy Life Skills 1 or 2

Are you a first time puppy parent? Or has it been a bit since you had a puppy in your home and have forgotten what it’s like?  Let us get you and your puppy off to a great start with a private training session in addition to your class.

Investment: $100.00 

Puppy Focus and Self-Control

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Puppies

Is your puppy a bundle of energy? This class focuses on teaching concepts of calmness, focus, and self-control through fun and engaging games. It’s the perfect way to instill these crucial skills in your puppy early, setting the stage for a lifetime of well-behaved companionship.

Investment: $140.00 

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy (4-12 Months)

*6 Week Course/ Limit 6 Puppies

Our AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program is ideal for puppies aged 4 to 12 months who missed out on previous puppy classes. In this course, you’ll get answers to all your puppy-raising questions, including housetraining, chewing, and practical skills like coming when called. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive an application to enroll in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.

Investment: $150.00 

Level 1 - Starting Out (5 Months and Older)

*4 Week Course/ Limit Varies

For dogs aged 5 months and older with basic foundation skills, our Starting Out class is the perfect way to build on those skills in a group setting. This course covers essential skills, including the name game, marker word/clicker training, leave it, various sit positions, no jumping exercises, attention training, and reinforcing desired behaviors.

Investment: $140.00

Puppy Play Time

Does your puppy need socialization in a safe and supervised environment?  Join your puppy for a session of trainer lead fun and proper puppy socialization. 

For our 4 – 6 Month puppies, they’ll even have the opportunity to explore an obstacle course to build their confidence!

Investment: $15

Puppy Play Time (10-16 Weeks)

*30 Minute Sessions

Puppy Play Time (4 - 6 Months)

*45 Minute Sessions

How Classes Work

1.  Register online

or reach out and ask your questions!

2. Join us for class each week

and watch your puppy grow and learn!

3. Enjoy 

your happy, well trained puppy!

Have Questions About Our Classes Before You Join?

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