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Bonafide Dog Academy: Mini-Classes for Omaha Metro Dogs and Their Families

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Welcome to our dynamic and immersive short-form classes, where we offer a wide range of specialized workshops and mini-classs to take your dog’s training to the next level. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune specific behaviors or dive deep into specialized skills, our expert trainers are here to guide you and your furry companion every step of the way.

Our Current Mini-Classes


Proper Greetings and Four on the Floor! (Part 1)

*1 Hour/ Limit 7 Dogs

Does your dog have a habit of jumping on guests during visits? Do counter surfing and begging pose challenges? Join our mini-class, where we’ll address these issues and teach your dog proper greetings, share exercise and enrichment ideas, offer strategies to prevent pestering guests, and eliminate counter surfing and begging.

Investment: $30.00

Proper Greetings and Four on the Floor (Part 2)

*1 Hour/ Limit 7 Dogs

Have you attended Proper Greetings and Four on the Floor Part 1?  Do you need a little more practice with the help of one of our experienced trainers?  Join us for Part 2 and master the skills offered in this mini-class! 

Investment: $30.00

Using a Whistle for Rocket Recalls!

*1 Hour/ Limit 7 Dogs

Let’s build your dog’s recall! Using both verbal and whistle cues, you’ll learn the distinctions between verbal and whistle recalls, the rules for whistle recalls, as well as practice whistle recalls, free from distractions. We’ll also incorporate whistle recall games and guide you in teaching your dog a recall finish for added precision.  Sign up today for Using a whistle for rapid recalls! 

Investment: $30.00

Walking mini-class (6 Months and Older)

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Dogs

Walking with your dog can be really fun or stressful, depending on how your dog walks on leash. If you struggle to control your dog on your strolls, this mini-class-style class is just for you! We meet at a different park for one hour each week for 4 weeks, providing you with more opportunities to learn how to teach your dog to walk politely on a leash.

Investment: $140.00

Loose Leash Walking

*2 Week Course/ Limit 6 Dogs

Do you dread walking your dog because your dog pulls you down the street?  Do your arms and shoulders hurt after walking your canine companion? This two-week workshop will improve your skills so that there will be more walks, more exercise (for you and your dog!), and more mental and physical enrichment. 

Investment: $60.00

Enrichment and Games Workshop!

Does your dog get bored hanging out at home? Did you know mental exercise is as important as physical exercise for dogs? Bring your dog and join us for this fun enrichment and games workshop. A FREE snuffle mat or snuffle ball is included in this workshop. All these ideas can be re-created at home to keep your pup entertained.

Investment:  $30.00

How Mini-Classes Work

1.  Register online

or reach out and ask your questions!

2. Join us for class each week

and watch your puppy grow and learn!

3. Enjoy 

your happy, well trained puppy!

Have Questions About Our Mini-Classes or Workshops Before You Join?

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