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Your dog’s journey of learning and growth doesn’t end with puppyhood. At BonaFide Dog Academy, we offer a range of Adolescent, Adult and Specialty courses designed to take your furry companion to new heights of obedience, manners, and confidence. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to build on existing skills, our classes have something for everyone.

Our Adult and Adolescent Classes


Adolescent Manners (7-18 Months)

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Dogs

Surviving the puppy stage is an achievement, but adolescent dogs can pose new challenges. Jumping on visitors, impatience during mealtime, household destruction, and recall issues are common. With additional training and management, you’ll navigate these adolescent behaviors successfully.

Investment : $140.00

Level 1 - Starting Out (5 Months and Older)

*4 Week Course/ Limit 7 Dogs

Has your dog mastered some basic skills at home but needs to shine in a group setting? Learn More and Join Us! for “Starting Out,” where you and your dog will establish a rock-solid foundation in a fun and engaging group class. We’ll work on skills like the name game, sit, down, stay, meeting strangers, and confidence-building exercises.

Investment : $140.00

Level 2 – Basic Manners

*4 Week Course/ Limit 7 Dogs

Is your dog polite when meeting people, responsive when called, and walking politely on a leash? Level 2 Basic Manners is your next step. In this course, we equip you with the skills to teach your dog exceptional manners. From loose-leash walking to recall, your dog will be well on their way to becoming a well-behaved companion.

Investment: $140.00 

Level 3 – Intermediate Skills (Prerequisite: Level 2)

*4 Week Course/ Limit 7 Dogs

Ready to take your dog’s basic skills up a notch? Level 3 Intermediate Skills adds distance, duration, and distraction to commands like loose leash walking, come, leave it, sit, stay, and down. This class is perfect for dogs with foundational skills who need practice and proofing in a group setting.

Investment: $140.00

Level 4 – Advanced Skills/AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep (Prerequisite: Level 3)

*5 Week Course/ Limit 7 Dogs

Not only will this course prepare your dog for the Canine Good Citizen Test, but we’ll focus on refining skills in distance, distraction, duration, and difficulty over five weeks. In the last week of class your dog will be able to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, an essential step toward becoming a therapy dog and a wonderful way to showcase your dog’s good manners!

Investment: $150.00

Our Specialty Classes


Focus and Impulse Control

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Dogs

If your dog struggles to focus in new environments, grabs at things without permission, or behaves differently at home compared to elsewhere, our Focus and Impulse Control class is a perfect fit. In this four-week program, you’ll learn techniques to foster better attention from your dog and help them develop impulse-control skills.

Investment: $140.00

Confident Canines (6 Months and Older)

*4 Week Course/Private and Semi Private Sessions
*Must have owned your dog for 3 months +

Is your dog reactive on walks, fearful of new places, or in need of more leash manners? Build your dog’s confidence in new situations, reduce leash reactivity, and enhance your own confidence as an owner in our Confident Canines class. This class is ideal for dogs with leash issues, fear, or reactivity.

Investment: $170.00

Therapy Dog Training

*5 Week Course/ Limit Varies

Prepare your dog to bring comfort and affection as a registered therapy team in hospitals, schools, and libraries. This class focuses on essential skills for therapy work, including off-site training over five weeks. Dogs must be people/dog-friendly, up-to-date on vaccinations, and have completed at least an intermediate-level class.

Investment: $150.00

AKC Community Canine (Prerequisite: Completion of CGC Test)

*6 Week Course/ Limit 6 Dogs

The AKC Community Canine class takes your dog’s good manners into the public for testing. This 6-week program is designed for dogs who have earned the CGC distinction, focusing on real-world skills and training and preparing them for the CGCA test.

Investment: $155.00

Nose Work and Scent Games

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Dogs

Harness your dog’s mental energy with our Scent Training class—an ideal indoor activity. We use everyday items like empty boxes, cups, and muffin tins to create engaging scent games where your dog sniffs out hidden treats or toys. Perfect for dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments, especially those with a natural affinity for using their nose.

Investment: $140.00

Recalls & Distractions - Relationship Building

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Dogs

Does your dog come when called, only when they want to?  Learn games to play that will increase your dog’s motivation and drive to race to you when called.  The class focus is on building a strong relationship with your dog while developing amazing recalls.  We will work on impulse control, retrieving, toy play and shaping.

Investment: $140.00

Confidence for the Wallflower (Shy) Dog

*4 Week Course/ Limit 6 Dogs

Empower your shy or fearful dog in our Confidence Building class. If your dog feels uneasy in unfamiliar environments, around new people, objects, or other dogs, this class is tailored to their needs. Discover effective techniques to boost your dog’s confidence and help them navigate new situations with ease.

Investment: $140.00

How Classes Work

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